Jessie Still serves as Senior Leader of the SOCC family. He loves coffee and all things sweet (especially his wife and two daughters!). This super-extrovert was once a very shy kid, and knows how to love and value every person.

He is gifted at speaking straight to the heart and is committed to fostering a culture of love and encouragement.  His life vision is to be a friend of God and be a part of raising up a supernatural, multi-generational, multi-ethnic family that influences our workplaces, neighborhood, city and state with the goodness of God and the transforming power of Jesus Christ.

Jessie is also an avid social networker: you can follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. He also occasionally posts on his blog. His wife Erica is a Pediatrician, and has a big heart for rescuing those who are oppressed. She’s also an accomplished musician, strategist, and dessert chef, making them an unstoppable duo and perfect match.

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