We like to think of ourselves as a spiritual family, growing in love for God and one another, and sharing His love with the world around us



We put PRAYER in the center of our community life. Not just prayer meetings, but small group meetings with prayer at the center, large celebrations permeated with prayer, a campus movement of prayer (the Furnace at Michigan State University www.FurnaceMSU.com.  All true life flows from our connection with Him. As we come before Him in prayer, He will have His way in us, and a great harvest will be reaped (Matthew 9:35-38).

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In 1974, a group of MSU students came to know Jesus as Savior and Lord, and began meeting in a dorm room for Bible study with a Christian prof, Dr. Lewis Moncrief. More were added to the group almost daily. This move of God grew quickly and was marked by a love for God and a spirit of “family” amongst its members. It wasn’t long before they officially formed as a church, “Spirit of Christ Fellowship”. Much has changed since those early days meeting in the lower level of Shaw Hall, but our love for and mission to the campus remains alive and well.

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Welcome! If you’re looking for a spiritual family, or if you’re just looking to find Jesus Christ, you’ve come to the right place! We’re a church that feels like family, and is passionate about knowing Jesus! Check out more about us or visit us for one of our Sunday celebrations and get to know us. Come as you are; you will be loved!



Spirit of Christ Church began as God moved among students at Michigan State University. Our connection to the campus remains a very important part of our DNA. Today, that connection is fostered by welcoming students in our family and our support of the Furnace Prayer Movement and the Hope Prayer Room.

You’ll find students involved in many aspects of our church life. It’s our joy and privilege to be a part of reaching and equipping the next generation of young leaders.  If you’re a student at any of the nearby campuses — MSU, LCC, GLCC, Davenport, etc — we welcome you!  

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We realize that we are only one part of the great big family of God, and the Jesus, our Good Shepherd, is the leader of the Church, of which we are only one member. We seek to love, honor and serve the larger Body in our city and champion the cause of Christ wherever it is alive and active in our city! Many times you'll see us partnering with other churches and ministries, or organizing gatherings to bring diverse congregations together, because we LOVE God's people, and our combined witness shows the world that Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life (see John 17:23)